Assassins Creed Freedom Cry (PS4) Review

This was a free game on last months Playstation Plus, as it had been a while since I last played an Assassins Creed game I thought I would jump straight into this one and see what I thought. Anyway, it is time for a review.

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You play as an assassin know as Adewale who shipwrecked just off the coast of Haiti. It is when he comes around that he notices that a lot of black people are being made slaves on the island of Port-au-Prince. This is when he meets Bastienne josephe who is working with the templars but is also an associate of the maroons who are a group of freedom fighters who used to be slaves. Adewale uses his skills as an assassin to help out the Maroons and try and give the Port-au-Prince back to the right people.

The story is pretty good and is a lot better than what I described it as. From start to finish you sympathise with the slaves and what to try your hardest in making sure that they get to be free. You find out a lot of information on how the slaves are getting to the island and what exactly Bastienne does for the Maroons. With this game being a DLC for black flag I wasn’t expecting the story to be this good but I am glad I wasn’t disappointed as I loved every second of it.

The controls is what I am going to talk about next and I am in two different minds about them. You get to control a ship in the game and that part of the game controls perfectly, the way you are able to switch between different types of attacking styles on the fly as well as moving your ship at high speeds just feels great. Of course trying to turn your ship is horrible but what do you expect you are turning a ship on the sea I would be surprised and disappointed if it was easy to do. When you get to the actually fighting on land then that is where the controls start to go down hill. Running around is great as it is what makes Assassin creed a good game but it is the combat that lets it down. The character doesn’t react when you press the buttons a lot of the time, at first I actually thought it was my controller that was doing this so I tried out another and it was the exact same. I would try to counter but nothing Adewale just stood there and took the hit. By the end of the 3 hour game time I was so annoyed at the control that I just gave up with countering and went with full out attack as that seemed to work.

The voice acting is pretty good, I liked the voice behind Adewale as you were able to tell when he was being emotional as he had to choose between helping out his race or to go back and be with his assassin brothers. The voice behind Bastienne was also good as the emotion was also clear to see with her as she had to choose between protecting herself and making sure that the Maroons were able to be free again.

The music is amazing, it is probably the best soundtrack I have heard from an assassins creed game ever and I loved every second of it. Wether it was when I was doing a mission or sailing the boat I loved listening to the music as I just wanted to hear more of it.

The game normally costs £11.99 but it is not worth it for that price, the controls, graphics and length of the game don’t deserve that price tag but if you wait for it to be on sale for £4.99 like it is a lot of the time then buy it as it will be worth it for that price trust me.

Aaron Morrsi

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