The Mind of a Chef Season 1 Review

I have heard about this show before but it is not until it came onto netflix that I gave it a chance and watched the first season, as I love food I couldn’t help myself and watch something else food related. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow chef David Chang as he shows us what gave him his inspiration to get into the field of food. We get to see how while living in Japan he discovered his love of ramen and the numerous different ways that it is made as well as the different styles that different parts of Japan use. Not only that but we find how he uses other culture such as Spain and America to make his own dishes so much better.

For me I find this to be really interesting as finding out the way that different countries make dishes and then how David incorporates those into his own food with his own twist is simply amazing. He also finds out how some of his favourite foods are made in places that make them the best such as noodles and soy. Everything that is in this first season is interesting as things that you wouldn’t find that have a complicated process such as smoked and rotten food are so complicated and have such a wide varies of flavour you wouldn’t even know about unless you had to.

It is great to see him work with other chefs while they make their own food, it shows us the different styles that different chefs use to make a simple dish taste amazing and nothing like anyone has every tasted before.

My favourite section of the show is probably when David Chang makes his own dish and shows us how he uses the technique that we had just seen in the show in the dish. This just makes the show so much more interesting, as you could be watching thinking yeah of course it is done that way but how would I be able to use it with my own food and then BOOM, David shows you and it changes the taste of the dish.

I will say that some of the graphics that are used for different section of the show are clearly old and hasn’t aged well with the show but they do there job and some of them are pretty funny to look at and go well with the tone of the show.

This show is not going to be for everyone, in fact it is going to have a very limited audience but as long as you have a love for food and are interested in finding out more about where certain items come from and how they are made then you, like me, are going to love this show.

Aaron Morrsi

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