Chicken Wiggle (3DS) Review

I was looking for a new game to play on my 3DS and came across this game on sale and thought why not how bad can it be. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story in this game is pretty small, you play as a chicken who managed to escape from a witch who has kidnapped (Chickennapped) all the chickens. It is up to you and your new friend the worm to travel across multiple levels to get to the witch and save your friends.

The story is terrible, you get two cut scenes throughout the whole game, one at the beginning and one at the end and that is all the story you get. The was so much potential for a good story from the first cut scene and I did expect a lot more from then but it is not until you beat the game that you get another cut scene and what turns out to be the end of the story.

the game play on the other hand is amazing and I cant fault it. At first it is pretty simply you move, jump, and peck with the chicken and you use the worm as some sort of sticky rope that can knock out enemies. It is after this that power ups are introduced into the game and this is where you get a new gimmick to work out whether this being able to peck through anything or being able to double jump. Each of the power ups are done very well and add something good to the game. You only get power ups on specific levels and each of these levels are needed to keep the game from becoming stale.

The music is okay, nothing amazing but nothing bad. I played a lot of the game with the sound of as that is how I like to play most games on my 3ds as I use it while travelling but when I did have it on then it was a catchy tune playing the background but nothing that would help with the overall game play aspect.

The ending to the game is bloody awful and I would of wanted literally anything else as it would have been better. The ending made the game seem more kid like but with some of the levels being as hard as they are with specific timing needed and more of a puzzle aspect in trying to find some secret areas I find it very hard to believe this game was made for kids and has made me wonder why they gave the game the ending it got.

the graphics are okay, they remind me a lot of the graphics from mutant mudds but that is mainly because the game is made by the same people. They have bright colours with the background and the chicken to keep you looking at the screen in case you miss anything but after a while it all seems to blur into one and you are just playing because you want to finish the game.

The game has an option for you to make your own levels and share them with the world a lot like Mario Maker and I think this is a great addition to the game as it gives it a lot of replayablity and there are unlimited amount of different levels you are able to make.

I bought the game for £8.49, and for that price the game might only just be worth it but dear god do not pay the original £15 they want as then it just isn’t worth your time or money.

Aaron Morrsi


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