Suits Season 2 Review

After finishing the first season of Suits of course I had to jump in straight into the second season as I wanted more of the goodness that the show has got to offer. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We find out in this season that Jessica knows about Mike and Harvey’s secret with Mike not going to any law school, however instead of telling the police like she should Harvey says that if Mike goes he goes. This causes Jessica to think and actually start using Mike for what he is best at and that is a lawyer. We find out where the Name Hardman comes from in Pearson Hardman and what Daniel Hardman is going to do if he comes back to the firm. There is talk of Person Hardman to merge with a British company in which Dana Scott is part of but that would mean that Harvey and Dana have got to work together something that they have never done before.

That is brief overview of the second season without spoiling anything, but the story in this season compared to the last is leaps and bounds better. There is just so much more happening around every corner you never know what is going to happen. One second there is talk about a partner getting fired and then everyone is worried that Mike get caught it is just amazing. Without a doubt this is the best story line of any show I have ever watched and that is the reason why I keep coming back for me with each new episode as after a while you just want to know more about all the characters.

We get more back story into the life of the main characters, we find out more about what happened to Mike’s Parents, what happened between Harvey’s Mam and Dad and what makes Rachel so adamant to become a lawyer. It is all good to know as when you find out more about the back story then you can start loving the characters even more.

The way the show looks is fantastic and is gives a real insight of what happens in a law firm and what happens before a court battle. I have got to say that my dream apartment has got to be Harvey’s and I want to know how much it would cost as I better get saving.

Acting again is superb, I cant fault a single one of the performances in any of the episodes that these actors give. Everyone from Gabriel Macht to Rick Hoffman and Gina Torres where all fantastic and it is this that makes the story become even more alive. It is watching shows like this that seem to so realistic but manage to keep the audience engaged for 45 minutes it makes me wonder why people want to watch those idiots on reality TV.

This show is great and this season is brilliant give the show a watch I am sure you wont regret it.

Aaron Morrsi


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