Battlefield 1 (PS4) Review

After hearing so many great things about this game I thought that it might be time to actually start playing it myself, well the game is finished and it is time for a review.


In this game there are 6 different stories that you will take part in. The first being the introduction to the game where you will take control of different people as you make your way through a battlefield trying to stop the enemy from taking your ground and if possible taking away some of theirs. This part shows you that all of people died in this war of all ages and no matter how hard you try you will die. The second part called Through Mud and Blood you take control of an ex chauffeur who has been enlisted into the war and because his strength is driving he is now in control of driving a tank but not just any tank, Black Bess. In the tank are the rest of his crew, Townsend – The Leader – , McManus who is the gunner as well as Pritchard and then Finch who is the mechanic and makes sure that Black Bess is able to survive the journey. It is up to you lot to take control of Cambrai and take it back from the Germans.

Third is Friends in High Places, this is where you play as “Rackman” as he shows the world what he can do as a pilot even though he is the son of an earl. It is up to you to find the German base and then make sure that the bombers are able to get there and destroy it.

Fourth Avanti Savoia this is where you play as Luca a man who managed to survive the war and is about to tell his daughter what happened to his best friend in the war.

The Runner is number 5 and this is where you take control of the Australian war hero Frederick Bishop and show a kid who lied about his age what the war really is like and is not just somewhere you come to get a statue in your village.

Finally is Nothing is Written, this one is the different one out of the group as it doesn’t take place in Europe but in Africa. You will take control of Zara, a rebel who wants to take down Ottoman and make the world a safer place.

This is the most in depth I have ever seen a FPS game go into a story and I think that it is brilliant and wonder why more games haven’t done it. Have more then one story be going at once is a fantastic idea, this allows you to find a perfect aim into why you should keep playing, you find out more about the first world war as well as see just how many people were affected by it. Each section of story is amazing and goes really in depth as EA just knew how much people would want to know about each character and why they are doing what they are doing.

I found Normal mode to be a bit of a challenge and I was very happy about this, I died a lot but with each death I go better at the game as I started to learn how the game played and what I should do to become better at it. Everything about the way that the game played was perfect, to the way that the tank and plane felt to control to being walking around aiming at guys on the ground or horseback it was just so refreshing to play something this well made.

Of course I have got the mention the way that this game looked, and all I can say is wow. This is the best that any FPS game I have reviewed so far has looked. So much detail went into the way that the characters look to the surrounding area. I think with this and the story made this game so amazing.

This game goes for about £22 which is still a bit of money for a game that came out a year ago but it is worth every penny of it and I loved playing it and wish there was more campaign. The mulitplayer is very active and the 10 games I did play online I did enjoy the different types of characters you can be too bad I am very bad at it.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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