Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) Review

This is a movie I went to see at the cinema recently and after loving the first one I had high hopes for this sequel. Anyway, it is time for a review.


With the headquarters of Kingsman being destroyed by a group known as the golden circle it is up to Eggsy and Merlin to try and find a way with beat the golden circle but to do that it would require more agents. This is when the find out about their American cousins known as Statesman, they will require their agents and their money in order to beat this group.

I think the story in this movie is not as good as the first one, the first one had so much happening and you weren’t able to tell what the intention of Valentine was until he told you but Poppy Adams you are able to tell what she wants from the very start which makes the whole point of the story a lot more boring. However there is one twist in the movie I was no expecting but I wont spoil it but I am very happy he choose not to continue with the butterfly’s. There are a lot of deaths in this movie and quite a lot of them are hard to predict which is something I love, this made the non story part of the movie very exciting as you were wondering who will get to live next.

The whole movie looks great, from the streets of London to the hidden 1970’s style town in the middle of the forest everything looks amazing. The only thing I can fault in the movie about the way that it looks is the first car chase scene. Far to much CGI was used and it just made the whole thing look very unrealistic which is most of the charm of the movie, making you think that this is all real and could actually happen.

The acting is on point again, Taron Egerton has done a great job in making a chavy teenager become a fine gentleman and a great spy. Mark Strong has picked up his role as Merlin and played it to perfection exactly like he did last time. Channing Tatum played his role of a American cowboy spy pretty good as well. I don’t think there was a single bad actor in the whole movie.

The music was okay, some part I wished more was done or a different song was changed but unfortunately I don’t have that power.

The movie is good but it isnt as good as the first one. This shouldnt stop you from seeing it though because even though it is not as good you have to remember that the first one was perfect and this one is only slightly worse which still makes it a great movie.

Aaron Morrsi

Movie review


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