Suits Season 3 Review

Of course, after loving the second season I went straight into the third season, I had to find out more about Mike and Harvey and what they would get up to in this season. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We ended the second season with Jessica signing with Darby and having the law firms merge together. This was needed as Jessica needed the money in order to win cases, even if Harvey didn’t like the idea. However, it is because of Darby that things start to go wrong with the firm. Because of a close relationship he has got with one of his clients Darby has asked for Harvey to cover the case but none of them know just how bad things have gotten with the case.

While all of this was happening Louis was slowing getting close to finding out about Mike’s secret and of course Mike has been worrying about it every single second. This is all because Lola had Mike get an impossible grade in a class while ‘ he was at Havard’.

It is at the end of the season that Mike has got to make a difficult decision and it will require him having to leave the law firm.

For me, the story is just as good as the other two season I have reviewed so far. Every step of the way I was on edge as I didn’t know how anything was going to go. I didn’t know if Louis would find out about Mike or not, I didn’t know if Harvey would lose his license to practice Law and I didn’t know if the merger would carry on between Darby and Jessica when things started getting serious. The story is what makes this show be as good as it is.

Of course, the acting also helps with that as once again I couldn’t find a single fault with any of the actors no matter how small the part was. Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams having what seems to be the perfect bromance on screen and doing it very well. Gina Torress showing the world what it is like to be a powerful women in law and of course Rick Hoffman just playing Louis to perfection.

When watching the show you can guarantee for the whole 40 minutes you are going to be entertained, there is something for everyone here. It might be comedy, this show has got it. Great acting, check. Great story, check. You simply can’t go wrong with suits, especially this season.

Aaron Morrsi

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