Fifa 18 (PS4) Review

I have never been a huge fan of sports games but seeing how I didn’t pay for this game and my brother did then I thought I might as well give it a go and see how the journey is in its second year. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The only reason why I even wanted to play this game this year is because of the journey. We are following the life of Alex Hunter after a great first season in the premier league, it is because of this that rumors are going around that Real Madrid are interested in buying the youngster but the only way his club will let him go is if he hands in a transfer request. We also find out more about the life of Alex’s Dad and what he did after he left the family.

I do like the story that this game holds, it gives you something to work for. You want to move to a bigger club so you have to try harder to do this and show the world what kind of player you really are. One feature I do like is if you play the game on the same consoles as FIFA 17 then you can import your stats from the last game which is great, I, however, played FIFA 18 on a ps4 and FIFA 17 on an Xbox one so I had to start with horrible stats. The story will take you about 14 hours to finish because of all the games you have got to play. I got very bored near the end of the journey as they seemed to have stopped putting in content and just wanted you to play game after game and I just felt like a lack of effort was put in near the end.

Of course, you have still got career mode which is fun for a little bit but after you have mastered the difficulties then the game isn’t really a challenge anymore and any task you try to accomplish is easily done.

Ultimate team is probably the main reason why people keep buying the game year after year and spend a stupid amount of money on a Pay to Play system. I did play a few games and got a few coins but I just got bored of playing against players who either spent far to much time and money on the game with the players they got or there dad is in charge of EA. I do like the idea but I personally think it would be better if you had to play to get the players you want not just have a big bank account.

The game looks great I can’t fault it for that, this is the most realistic looking football game out there and nothing is going to take that away from Fifa and EA. Everything from the players, to the pitch to the stadiums all, look fantastic and nothing is going to beat it anytime soon.

Do I think this game is worth the £50, dear god no. if you want to spend a lot of money trying to get a good team on ultimate team then sure have fun but if you are like me and only really want to play the journey then wait for it go on sale for a better price.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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