Bojack Horseman Season 1 Review

This is a show I first watched when it first came out but recently I fancied watching it again because I wanted a little break from the other shows I was watching. Anyway, it is time for a review


We follow the life of Bojack Horseman who is an old celebrity after having a hit show in the 90s, since then he hasn’t done much with his life except for drugs and drink. It is when his agent says that he should write a book that he starts thinking about acting again and decides to get back into. However while doing this his life takes all sorts of twists and turns.

For me the story is the only reason why I kept watching the show, I wanted to know more about Bojacks life and what happened to him to become the mess he is today. In each episode, there is always something happening which is great as it means you aren’t able to predict what is going to happen in the next episode which makes you excited to see it.

I do think the animation is very simple and they didn’t take any risks with what they have done. They could have made it a lot better but instead kept it safe. This is the sort of show I would have loved to off seen be more realistic as with the mixture of real humans and human and animal mixes it would of be interesting to see.

The voice acting is good, I love Will Arnett as the voice of Bojack. He made the character be his own and makes the emotional and funny parts perfect which makes the show that much better as it makes you want to watch more. Aaron Paul is also great in this, Todd is my favourite character in this first season as he was just so weird and random almost all the time and you couldn’t help but fall in love with the lazy weirdo who is sleeping on Bojacks couch.

With this being Netflix’s first time in the animated arena then I understand the safe animation, but with that and the music not being very good I can only say that the first season is okay. You do have great voice actors as well as a great storyline to keep you entertained but I felt like doing anything else and only listening to what was happening. This is the sort of show where you can love it or just find it meh. When I first watched it I found it to be meh as I couldn’t bring myself to watch the second season but I will do now.

Aaron Morrsi

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