Pokémon Adventures Part 8 (Manga) Review

After loving the first part of this series I had to get the next box set and get back into the series. This time we look at the start of gold and silver. Anyway, it is time for a review


We get a brand new main character in Gold, he is a rash trainer who rather act then sit down and think and hope for the best. He tries to help professor Elm after he sees someone break into his lab, but he gets there too late and the thief has gotten past him, with totodile. This is where Gold finds out that he needs to get that Pokémon back and gets the help of Exbo (Cyndaquil) to do so. While he is on the lookout he finds out that his bag has been stolen that had all his house Pokémon in and he makes it his mission to get it back with all the Pokémon that were inside of it. When he gets the bag back he finds out that Polibo is missing and needs to find him as he is still a young Pokémon. While all of this is happening, he finds out that Silver has got bigger plans than anyone first expected.

I think the story is great, it keeps you entertained the whole way through thanks to how fast paced it is. Every single page will give you something new to show you this new region and characters we have got. There are a few references to the first series with mentions of red and yellow. Because of how rash Gold is you are never able to predict what he is going to which is great as it means you must keep reading to find out what way he is going to go to get out of the situation he is presented with.

The art is the same as the first series which is a good and a bad thing, I loved the art from the first series and it was great to see it again with these new characters and Pokémon but for a new series I would have liked to see something a bit different to show it was a new series, but I am still happy with what I got.

This is still a great series and I can’t wait to find out more about this new story with new characters.

Aaron Morrsi

Manga Review


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