Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 3 Review

I couldn’t help myself but start the third season before I even wrote the review for season 2 as I just wanted to know more. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We finally get to the see the Jake and Amy relationship we have all wanted in this series and at first, I did think things weren’t going to end well because of just how different they were but we get to see how the relationship progresses past this and we get to see how Jake manages to be in a serious relationship. We get a new main character to add into the precinct as well with Adrian Pimento, he was part of the 99 years ago before he went undercover for 12 years for a mob boss and he is slowly trying to get back to normal.

I think the story is great this season, it has got a little bit for everyone to enjoy. It has got the love story between Jake and Amy plus another love story with another two members of the 99. We have the return of an old cop and we get to the see the slightly terrifying way he gets into a normal life again as well as hear about all the stuff he did while he was undercover. Plus, all the comedy that was added in-between all of this in different episodes is great as it means you will want to know more about certain events while also laughing at the show.

Of course, we got two recurring episodes again with Halloween 3 and a return of the Pontiac bandit. It has come to the point where I look forward to these episodes as I want to see how they are going to make each one different than the ones from the season before. I want to know the different ways how Holt and Peralta are going to try to outsmart each other to win, and how the Pontiac bandit is going to escape.

I still think the acting is amazing and I can’t fault one of them. With the addition of Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) then the cast has only gotten better as Mantzoukas ability to play the mentally unstable Pimento so well is just a welcomed addition to the group.

Because of the way that Season 3 ended I just dived right into season 4 as I needed to know more about the finale and what was going to happen next. I can’t get enough of this series and if you have yet to watch any of the show yet then give it a try I am sure you will love it as well.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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