Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 4 Review.

So, in the space of eleven days I have managed to watch 4 seasons of a show, I think that is the first time ever I have done something like this, and I can’t wait to get into another show soon. Anyway, it is time for a review.

v1 (1)

We start the season with Jake and Holt being in the witness protection program in Florida as they are still trying to get used to the life outside of New York and not being cops. For punishment for helping Jake and Holt the whole crew has been forced to the night shift, this causes problems for everyone as they aren’t able to get the good cases anymore as well as not seeing their families due to working at night and sleeping during the day. The main story comes towards the end of the season and Jake and Rosa try to take a down a very respected dirty cop, but thing go from bad to worse for the pair.

This is the first season where I think the story becomes more important to the show, with the start being split into three parts and the last three all being based around the same case it was great to see the cast working on a specific story for more than one episode and does mean that bingeing the show is better for you. I can’t fault the story in a single way as it keeps you entertained throughout the season as well as making you want to miss some sleep in order to watch more which every great show should do.

The acting again is post on and I can’t fault a single part of it. I do wish that the writers made Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas) more than a recurring character as I think that the comedy that he provides is great and if the show is missing anything then it has got to be that.

We get to see more episodes based outside of the bull pen which is a nice change, with Florida and somewhere known as the slaughterhouse being the other parts. I do think having the bull pen as a main set is a great idea as it means we know where all the cast are going to be but having a little bit of change every now and then is a great thing.

This is without a doubt the best season so far and it has just made me more excited for season 5 to finish so I am able to binge that as well.

Aaron Morrsi


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