Video Game High School Season 2 Review

After getting back into the series I loved years ago I had to jump right into the second season and find out more about the people at Video Game High School. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The FPS team at VGHS has got a new coach, it turns out that the new coach is Jenny’s mum Mary Matrix. Mary Matrix has got one aim for the team and that is to get them to the playoffs but unfortanelty due to The Law getting sued for aim botting the VGHS Varesity team is not allowed to play in the competition anymore but thanks to Ki’s quick thinking the junior team is allowed which means that Jenny, Brian and the rest of the crew have got their chance at the big leagues. Ki is getting used to life at VGHS but might have to go home after her dad comes for parents evening. And Ted is trying to make a name for himself as a drift racer and show everyone else what he is capable of doing.

I like the story a lot more this season then I did last, the reason for this is because now that we know the characters we start to get attatched to them and hope that everything goes alright for them. I want to see how the relationship between Brian and Jenny goes with the mother now in the picture. Plus the whole situation surrounding The Law is great and every time he is in the show I look forward to finding out more about the story.

Again I think that the show that was first made on YouTube look brilliant and you can tell that a lot of high tech equipment went into the production of the show. The amaziong CGI that is used cant be faulted especially in the gameplay sections. From the explosions in the FPS games to the car racing in the drifting games nothing can go wrong. My personal favourite is in the fighting games as the ice and fire that is used looks so well done I loved watching it.

I think the acting has improved this season compared to last, especially with  Johanna Brady I think her performance is the best improvement this season compared to last as it went from amateur to being pretty dam good. You can feel the emotion she was trying to give off which is brilliant especially in the scenes revolving around her mother. The rest of the acting crew are about the same level as last time as I didn’t really have a problem with them.

I enjoyed season 2 a lot more then I did season 1 and I am looking forward to seeing what the third and final season has got offer.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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