Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 (PS4) Review

Minecraft Story Mode (PS4) Review

I have never been a fan of minecraft as it was something that I personally couldn’t see being any fun but when telltale have brought out a story mode for the game then I was more interested to give it a try. Anyway, it is time for a review.


You play as the main character Jesse, you are trying to win a local competition of building. You do this with your friends Olivia and Alex and of course Reuben the pig. The main competition to your team is another team known as the ocelots. After the ocelots cause a fire making Reuben run away things start to go a bit differently for Jesse as he needs to go and find his pet but while looking for him his life changes forever.

I know that the story is brief but that is because a game that is literally all story and no filler you can’t really say much without the whole thing being a spoiler. I did like the story that the game offered, this is coming from someone who recently that the character you play as in the actual minecraft game has a name. From start to finish you get attached to the characters as the story develops and you find out more about their long term goals and what kind of people they are.

The game looks really good and even though it has the style of minecraft it is like playing minecraft is 4k as everything seems clearer and easier to see. I do like the character art that the game has as well as each character has it own sense of style which just makes the game seem more realistic which is what I like in game.

Of course, I have a favourite character and that guy has got to be Reuben. From start to finish I loved Reuben and because of this game I am tempted to go and buy a pet pig. He was funny and cute which added a lot to the game.

While playing on the PS4 I noticed that there were quite a few out of sync moments between what was happening on screen the audio which after the first few times was really annoying. I even reset my PlayStation thinking it was starting to overheat but the problem seemed to keep happening.

Do I think this game is worth a shot? Yeah I do but only the first 4 episodes. This is because the fifth episode is basically a free episode in a DLC pack that they try to make you buy in order to get more money from you. The first four episodes is the main story and once the 4th has finished then I do recommend stop playing unless you want to get more episodes for £4.99 a go.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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