Scrubs Season 1 Review

Scrubs Season 1 Review

This is a show I have loved for a long time from the first time I watched it but it had been sometime since I last got a chance to see it. I wanted to see if it was just as good as I remembered it or has my taste in good shows changed over the years. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the main character J.D. as he starts his first job as a doctor in sacred heart hospital. While there he is aiming to show everyone what he is able to do but starts off a bit shaking as he has never done a lot of the treatments on people who are alive, so he gets scared about hurting them. He also needs to find a group of friends he is able to hang around with and be able to share some of his problems with. Lucky his best friend from college Chris Turk has got onto the same internship as J.D. it is from there that we find a bigger group forming with the addition of Carla and Elliot Read.

With this being a sitcom then a lot of humour is expected and this is probably the first and only sitcom I have watched where it is mostly based in a hospital probably the last place you expect humour. But somehow the writers have made it work and now that I have finished the first season a hospital seems a great place for some humour as it does show you all the sad times that happen but also how the doctors are able to cope throughout.

One of the main components of the show is how we are able to hear what J.D. is thinking. You would think that after a while it would become annoying, but trust me when I say it doesn’t, if anything it becomes one of the funniest parts of the show.

Like any sitcom a lot of stuff doesn’t go from episode to episode as what happens in one episode won’t be talked about in the next. It does have a few exceptions and these are the more serious episodes but that is what you have got to expect coming from a show based in a hospital as people you come to love will die and this show will show you that.

The acting is great throughout the cast, J.D. (Zach Braff), Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), Turk (Donald Faison) Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins) Dr. Cox (John Mcginley) and Carla (Judy Reyes) all did an amazing job in their roles. Each doing a mixture of funny, serious and angry which just showed of their talents in acting.

The show was made in 2001 so in 2017 this show is a bit dated and you can tell as soon as you start watching, but even without a HD version the show is still great to watch and after a while you don’t even notice the lack of quality as you are just enjoying a show that keeps you entertained for each 20 minute episode.

Aaron Morrsi

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