Arrested Development Season 1 Review

This is a show I didn’t know anything about until i got bored one night and wanted a new show to watch. I saw that Micheal Cera was in it and I love his awkward acting so thought I might as well give it a try. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We follow the life of the bluth family right after their dad and owner of the bluth company has been sent to prison. The show is based around the family and how they are going to cope now that Dad isn’t giving them all money from the business accounts. Now it is up to Micheal Bluth to look after the company as well as the family and try to get the family name back from the rubbish.

I think the show is okay, but nothing about the first season really stood out to me. It felt like just about any other American sitcom. I kept watching as by the time I noticed this I was half-way through the show and wanted to finish the first season. Of course, it has its good parts which might make you slightly grin but a lot of the time be prepared to just sit there and wait for the episode to finish.

The acting is barely hitting par, of course we have got Micheal Cera who has never really been an amazing actor but does play the awkward guy very well. With this show be prepared to see exactly that the whole way through. Micheal Cera (George Micheal) trying to figure out teenage life as well and wonder why he has got a crush on his cousin. The only other actor that does anything substantial is Jason Bateman (Micheal Bluth) even then this is because he seems to be the only person in the whole show who is able to show more than one emotion per episode.

The story at first was something that I was actually looking forward to finding out more than it was interesting finding out why George Bluth had gone to jail and if he had actually done the crime that are put against his name. But for some reason during the season the show seemed to be less and less about trying to clear George’s name but instead of how the company was running and where the family were going to get money from. Yes of course some episodes went back and talked about getting the dad out of jail but not enough.

This season was made in 2003 so of course it is going to be a bit dated looking but for its time period I liked the way it looked, so I have no complaints here.

The narrator in the show is a good addition even if at first it did remind me a lot of sponge bob square pants. It is really useful at the end of the show where they do a bit of a ‘what happened next’ moment which is probably the best part of the whole episode.

Do I like this show? Sort of, I think it is does have good points but its humour is not to my liking and will depend on yours if the show is going to be good for you to watch.

Aaron Morrsi

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