Pokémon Adventures #11 (Manga) Review

I took a little break from the Pokémon manga as I was reading them to fast and I didn’t want to get sick of the series as I know I have got a lot more to read. Anyway, it is time for a review.


We are still focusing on crystal the new trainer that has been introduced to the series as she is trying her hardest to catch Suicune and be the best capturer of Pokémon alive. However after losing a fight and missing the chance to capture Suicune she loses faith in herself and has to re train again in order to find her mojo again. However she does end up meeting Yellow and that is when we learn a little bit more of what happened to Gold and Silver.

After reading about crystal in #10 I liked her character and was happy to find out more about her and especially more about her childhood and what made her be as good as a capturer as she is. For me this was really interesting as you would never be able to guess what happened to her and how she was able to make herself become so good. With the story getting closer and closer to finding out what did happen to Gold and Silver it makes you want to read through the book as fast as possible and find out more about the pair.

However you also don’t want to do this as it means you are going to miss the chance on missing out on all the amazing art that this book has got to offer. As a fan of Pokémon I love seeing full images of the Pokémon in all their glory and this book shows the three legendary dogs in all their glory and I loved it. It showed the skills of the artist as they made the dogs look amazing and throughout the book it was the same fantastic are that you have come to expect.

I love the addition of crystal and now that she is with Yellow I can’t wait to see how the pair is going to try and get Gold and Silver back from wherever they are.

Aaron Morrsi

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