Pokemon Adventures #12 (Manga) Review

After I finished #11 in the series I had to jump straight into the next book as I want to know more about the story that had started at the end of the book. Anyway, it is time for a review.


For the first time in this story Crystal, Gold and Silver have all finally meet, not only that but the three starters and the three Pokédex also get to meet again. However, there is no time for them to celebrate as they all have to keep on battling legendary Pokemon and trying to save the world from the new team rocket leader the masked man.

For a book that is only 200 odd pages long a lot of stories has been crammed into the book which is great, this means no filler all just pure story that helps make the read that much better. We find out what has happened to Gold and Silver this whole time, what the masked man’s plan is, and find out who Suicune is going to choose as a trainer to help him battle. I was enjoying the read that much that I couldn’t put the book down as I wanted to know as much as possible as fast as possible.

Finally, we get some more full page art, it seems like it has been a while since this last happened in the series and I wish that they did it a lot more than it gets to show the talent of the artist. This is what I am starting to love about reading manga and that is that the art tells as much of a story as the words do. Sometimes you will get panels that don’t have any word in and at first i didn’t like this as I thought it was lazy writing but recently I am starting to like it as it means that the artist and the writer have worked together to tell the story in something other than words which is brilliant.

I like the way that we find out how the legendary dogs managed to escape the void and the way that they have done it has just proven how special one of the characters is in the series and it is making me start to want to know even more about them.

This series just seems to be getting better and better every time I read another part of the series, but i’m onto the finally two books of the gold and silver series and I think there is still so much to cover.

Aaron Morrsi



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