Merlin Season 1 Review

I was intrigued by this show when I first it being advertised back in 2008 but I never got around to watching it, till I saw it on Netflix and after just finishing Disjointed I wanted something new to watch and thanks to a friend I ended up watching it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Merlin is traveling from his little village to Camelot where he is going to stay with Gaius the Camelot physician. Little does Gaius know but Merlin is a warlock and is able to use magic very well, however due to the king’s hatred of magic Merlin has got to keep this a secret otherwise he will be killed. When Merlin arrives in Camelot he finds out what his destiny is and that is to make sure that the Prince Arthur is going to become King, however because of how many people want magic to come back into the kingdom there are a lot of threats to his life as well as when he is out hunting. Because of this Merlin has got to use his magic to keep Arthur safe as well as make sure no one finds out what Merlin can do. This leads to numerous adventures with different out comes each time.

The story is what kept me coming back after each episode as when one would end they would show a little preview of the next episode which would make me want to go and find out what it was about straight away, hence why I watched a whole season in two days. Because of how different each story is and you don’t know what the outcome is going to be then it makes you get excited for the next episode. Another thing I found out was that I was never able to predict what was going to happen next which is an amazing feeling as it means you are going to surprise when everything happens.

We go from one great in the story to something awful, which is the CGI. I know that this series was made in 2008 but dear god the CGI is terrible. It really did look like they had cut out some stickers and placed them on the screen. The first harry potter movie was made in 2001 and that had better CGI then this show. I thought with the show being made for the BBC I was expecting better.

The acting is up and down throughout the show, sometimes you can really feel the emotion that is being shown on screen which is brilliant and it makes you and the character have a better connection. However, at other times it makes you think you are watching a play cast by 5 year old. The best example of this I have is from the main actor Colin Morgan (Merlin) when he is angry on screen then you can really tell which is fantastic but when he tries to play sad then there really isn’t any point, there is a scene where he is crying and I might as well of gotten my 5 year old cousin to do the scene as it would have been just as good.

I like the show for its story but with the progression of the season I am hoping for better CGI and for the acting to hit a higher par then what I have been shown.

Aaron Morrsi


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