Pokemon Adventures #13 (Manga) Review

After loving the story in #12 then I wanted to get straight into the next book as soon as possible to try to find out more. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story behind this book is that the gym leader battles have started and it is believed that the Masked Man is one of them, this means it is up to Gold, Silver and Crystal to try to find out who is the Masked Man and try to stop the evil plan that he is coming up with. This might mean that the gym leaders have got to fight one of their own as well as all of Team Rocket.

I found the story in this book to probably be the best one yet out of the 13 I have read, the reason for this is that the whole book takes place over the course of a few hours. This is a lot different from the other because even though a lot of story is told it all takes place over a couple of days. A lot happens in the space of a few hours which means you don’t want to stop reading as you want to know everything that the book has got to offer and to make sure that you don’t miss a single bit of information as you do get a lot.

Even though the art is exactly the same throughout the series so far, I think because of how many full page arts as well as large panels that are in this book then you really get to see how much detail is being put into each picture. This allows people like me who has loved Pokemon since I was 5 to people who have only just started with the series to see all the characters looking the best they possibly can.

The ending of this book was amazing and it makes me want to jump right into the final book of this series, this is because of what we get told and shown makes me wonder what the hell the writer is going to come up with as an answer to whom the Masked Man is and if the trainers and gym leaders are going to be able to save the world or is the return of Team Rocket actually going to happen.

Aaron Morrsi


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