Pokemon Adventures #14 (Manga) Review

I finally found time to finish the final Pokemon adventures in the Gold and silver chapter, after finishing the penultimate book I couldn’t wait to start on this. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story in the book is amazing and it brings a great conclusion to what the other volumes have told us. I did predict quite a few things about the ending but it was still enjoyable from start to finish. Finally finding out who the masked man was, was a good moment as even though I had predicted who he was from what the book told us about him it was still great to find out what the characters in the book reactions were like. I did find it a bit surprising that no one else thought it would be that gym leader in the book but oh well. I really want to talk more about what happened especially with what happened to the masked man’s plan but I don’t want to spoil what happened in case people are reading this review before reading the book.

The art style is still the same but they have increased the number of full page art tenfold in this book which made me very happy. This showed every important detail that was needed to make sure that the people reading the book weren’t going to miss a single thing. What I liked best was seeing Ho-oh and Lugia in full page art, it showed just how majestic they both are and why they should both be feared as Pokemon. When the friends from Kanto (Blue, Green, Red and Yellow) and the friend from Johto (Crystal, Gold and Silver) meetup we were given yet another full page art and this one is probably my favourite one out of the whole series so far.

Overall with just how much happened story wise and the ending of the book I loved this book, everything that I did want to know I got to know. The way that people reacted to finding out that Yellow was a girl was great and even better was just feeling the emotion that the writers and artist managed to get into their works was fantastic and I for once enjoyed an ending to a series.

Aaron Morrsi


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