Pirate Kings (App) Review

If it wasn’t for a few friends of mine playing this game I would have never even of know it had existed which is odd as it currently has ten million downloads on the google play store. Anyway, it is time for a review.


It is your job as a pirate to find as many islands as possible and make them the best that they can be before moving onto the next island to do it all again.

That is all I was able to get story wise for this game, all you have to do is get money to upgrade the items on one island before you are able to move onto another island and be able to start all over again. Want to know the difference between islands? Well it is literally a different theme and a lot more expensive items. This meant after a while I got very bored with aiming for a different island as it would just take up more of my time to be able to finish this island and go to the next one.

The way you make money is one of three ways, you spin a wheel which has different options on it and depending on what option you land on is how you make money. One option is to attack, this allows you to attack either a friend’s island through Facebook or a random person island and if they have shield then you will get 100,00 coins but if they don’t then it goes up to 300000 coins. This way is probably the most fun as it gets you money and if you attack a friend it means they have got to spend money in order to repair the item making it a win win. Another option is steal, this acts the same sort of way as attack expect you don’t damage an item on their island you just steal most of their money. The final way is if the wheel lands on a money spot where you can get between 1000 and 100000 depending on where you land. If you are like me then you will probably land on the 1000 all the time.

The game is great to look at, a lot of bright colours and different themed island make it more enjoyable from when you first start but after a few days it just becomes very boring to see the same thing again and again.

When i first started playing I enjoyed my time with the game as I found it funny to attack my friends, so they would lose money but after a few days the enjoyment went and it got to the point where I was sick and tired of seeing the notifications every time I would look at my phone I uninstalled the game and haven’t missed it once. I don’t recommend you getting this game as it does keep your enjoyment for a few days but after that it just becomes very boring very quickly.

Aaron Morrsi


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