The Good Place Season 1 Review

This is another one of them shows that i didn’t know existed till Netflix recommend it to me, so I thought why not give it a watch. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) has just died and made her way up, it turns out that there is an afterlife for two different types of people. The good place is for the exceptional good people who have made sure that they spent their whole lives helping people while the bad place is for everyone else. When Eleanor finds out she is in the good place she starts to realize that she has been mistaken for another person and doesn’t belong there. When she discovers just how amazing the place is she is going to do everything in her power to make sure no one gets to know her secret and be able to stay in the good place.

I think the story is good but it doesn’t really start getting exciting to watch till half-way through the season. I would watch about one episode a day but about half-way through I finished the rest of the series in a day as i just wanted to know more about what was happening to everyone. If they managed to make the first half of the show as good as the second then I don’t think I could complain at all about the show. The longer you watch the more you find out about the good and the bad place and why everything is going from being amazing to be horrible very quickly.

The acting is decent enough but obviously could’ve been a lot better in places. I think that the job that Kristen Bell did with her role was great, going from being a jerk when she was alive to trying to get rid of that habit and actually start caring about people was weird to see but I think she did it brilliantly. William Jackson Harper did an okay job in my opinion he looked perfect for the part to be an ethics professor but when he had to do anything other than talk about ethics it looked like he was trying far to hard. My favourite actor throughout the show has got to be Manny Jacinto (Jianyu Li) as he went from playing a silent monk to be an over exited man child and I found any scene that he was in to be hilarious as I wanted to know more about all the stupid stuff he attempted to do.

The show looked meh a lot of the time, yes it had great quality video but i have got no idea what they attempted to do with the CGI, if they attempted to try to make every little thing look unrealistic then boom they got it perfectly but if not then they should have tried a hell of a lot better as i personally think given a big enough budget and time I could do better.

I do like the show and ill be starting season 2 very soon but I am hoping for better quality acting and CGI and I want to know more about the story and what they are going to do next as the ending of season 1 was amazing.

Aaron Morrsi


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