Fantastic Four (2015) Review

I have seen the original two movies but when the remake came out three years ago I never really wanted to go and see it, but now its on Netflix I thought why not give it a go. Anyway, it is time for a review.



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Reed Richards and Ben Grimm have been friends for years since Ben found Reed in his junk yard looking for a specific part for a machine. Since then Ben has made sure that Reed has done everything possible to show the world just what he can do. When Reed has finally finished his machine that will allow him as well as other people to travel to a different universe the first person he calls to tell is Ben. This is where Reed, Ben, Victor and Jonny all get into the machine and travel to the different universe but when they come back things have changed for them forever.

The story for me is very interesting but at times I found it to be very rushed, I wanted more information about the machine and about the backstory of the characters. It felt like they wanted to get to the ending of the movie as fast as possible and just have as much action as possible. I know that a lot of people would prefer this then having a movie which is mostly story but if I am going to watch an action movie then I want to know as much as possible as to why they are going to fight.

I did find the character development to be great especially now that the characters in the movie are much younger. This meant that they are able to blame the stupid decision to go to the new universe unsupervised on just being stupid and drunk, but when they come back they all change as characters which does make for a great moment in the movie.

For a movie that came out 3 years ago I enjoyed the way that the CGI was done, i have felt recently that a lot of the CGI being used has been awful so thankful this movie is an expect ion.

The acting is subpar, i don’t think a single actor in the movie did well. I think due to the fact that they were mostly young adults with this being their first big break they didn’t preform to the best they can do. I know for certain that Michael B. Jordan is able to act amazing (Creed) but he didn’t bring it to this movie.

I do like the fight scene exceptional when Ben is involved as it shows us the powers that these guys have got and what they are able to do with them. It shows us the range that they have got which is always a personal love for me. Of course the first person your eyes will go to in any fight scene will be the Human Torch due to him being bright orange but it is from there that you get to see everyone else powers.

I do I think this is a good movie? No i don’t, I think everything could have been a lot better if more time was put into the movie, a better story line, better acting the only thing I did really like was the character development and the CGI. If you can watch the originals they are much better.

Aaron Morrsi

Movie review


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