The Good Place Season 2 Review

After liking the first season I wanted to finish the second season as soon as possible as I wanted to know more about the ending of season 1. Anyway, it is time for a review.


After finding out that the good place where they have been staying is in fact the bad place the gang have had their memories wiped and the experience starting all over again, except that Michael didn’t know about Eleanor notes she left in Janet’s mouth. This time the group go through 800 different types of experiments and all of them have got the same outcome, it gets to the point where Michael is scared of his boss finding out that the experiments have all been failures and ends up asking the group for help with the promise of sending them to the real good place.

The story is somehow both the same and different as the first season, this is because we get to the see the exact same thing happen again and again but with different outcomes. Once again it doesn’t get good until half-way through the season, it is half-way through where they stop doing the same thing again and again and start to get onto the real story of the season and it is here that I end up binging the whole season in one day.

The acting I think has gotten better since the first season, I don’t know if this is because we actually get to see them show a bit more emotion this time around or if they were all just a bit embarrassed of their performance last time. With Kristen Bell being the only actor being worth anything it was nice to see the other main characters up their game to the point where you actually care what they are saying and want to pay attention to them which is something I couldn’t say last time.

Of course, they have still got the same shitty CGI all over the place and it really makes you think that they have tried to make it look as bad as possible for the comedy factor or if the people they hired are stuck on a long term contract and get find anyone better. If the giraffe from the last of us looks better than the giraffe in the good place then you know that something has gone wrong.

Due to the story and acting being a lot better in the second season I do think people should suffer the first season to get started on the next as it does improve and get to the point where you actually start rooting for the characters and hope that they make it to the good place. With how the finale went I am glad that season 3 has been green lighted and now i just have to wait to find out when it is going to release.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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