Baseball Boy (App) Review

I saw this game being advertised on Facebook where it tried to show two different people playing it and getting completely different scores, but I liked the look of it and thought I might as well try it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The aim of the game is to try to hit a baseball as far as you possibly can and with each time you hit the ball then you get money to try to upgrade yourself so you can hit the ball further. The further you hit the ball then you will unlock new bats which allow you to hit the balls even further. The game is very simple with all you having to do is press the screen whenever you want to hit the ball and with how much power. So as you can imagine you do get bored very quickly as nothing seems to change even when you do get new bats.

The game looks pretty decent, it is very blocky but that is the art style they were trying to go for and after a bit you get used to it and if you are like me then you do start to like it as it sort of has that pixel art look to it. But even then there is only so much you can take of just seeing green, yellow and blue. They have got three environments for you to it over and that is the forest (green), desert (yellow) and water (blue) and then it just repeats those again and again. It gets to the point where you are not even paying attention to what is on screen and instead just pressing the screen to bounce and seeing what your distance was at the end.

There is no music, if there is then i got a glitched version of the game. I installed the game and there was no music, I looked for a setting button to change this and there wasn’t one so i uninstalled and tried again but yet again no music.

THE GAME IS 50% ADS, you basically get to play 1 or 2 rounds and then boom AD, after you finished a hit you get the choice of doubling your money if you watch an ad but if you are like me you don’t want to watch an ad so you press no but guess what you get an ad.

The game at first is fun to play as you want to see what new bats you are able to get and what the maximum distance is you are able to get but after the constant ads and the boring design then you just don’t want to play anymore.

Aaron Morrsi

App Review


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