Octodad The Dadliest Catch (PS4) Review

I remember playing this game when the PS4 first was released but it wasn’t until today that I got a chance to finish the game. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Octodad is about to get married, but he has to find all of his clothes before he does so, after the wedding he is trying to go through an everyday life with his wife and children but while doing so trying to get people to not notice him and trying to stay away from a chef who is trying to find him to cook him.

The story is very lacklustre at the start as you don’t get to find out a lot about the main character and why he is trying to live a human life but when it gets later into the game you do find out why the chef is chasing you which gives you some sort of closure.

The game has a very unique look to it and from the moment I started playing to when i finished 2 and a half hours later I loved every second of how it looked. This is because it isn’t something you see too often and it makes you want to look at everything to find out what they made other objects look like which is refreshing to have.

The game controls like arse, but that is what makes the game fun to play. A lot of the time when a game controls terribly then it makes the game not worth playing but the developers of this game (Young Horses) made it purposely bad to the point where you want to keep playing, at times it was the most frustrating game I have ever played and I don’t think I have ever shouted at a game because of stairs before but after that I still enjoyed playing the game.

The music is unrememberable throughout the game, I play with headphones on so I can get the best quality sound and I can’t for the life of me remember any of the music. I do remember a lot of sticking sounds and the wife telling me I was being weird but that is all.

Do i recommend this game? Yes but only if you play in spurts and not try to finish the whole game in one go. When you do this then the game isn’t enjoyable it is just a frustrating mess but if you play for 15 minutes at a time then it is a lot more fun and you will have better memories playing the game.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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