Need for Speed (2015) (PS4) Review

I got this game for £5 on a sale on the PlayStation market, the only reason I bought it was because I hadn’t played a need for speed game since underground, so I wanted to see what this game had in offer. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story in the game is very simple, you get scouted by a small group of racer, and they bring you into their little family. It is from here that you try to help them become bigger and better by getting them to meet their heroes and what is the best way to do this? By beating their heroes to the point where they acknowledge your existence. It is a pretty basic story and you can tell that not a lot of time went into it as if you think about it then it is just stupid, why would beating your friends heroes be good for them and why would the heroes recognise the friends when it was you who did all the racing. I think they could have put a bit more effort into the story and had something really good come out of it.

The way that the game looked is different matter however, the little effort they made with the story makes you wonder if all the effort went onto the graphic style. This is one of the best looking racing games period. Yes i know some other racing games make racing and dirt tracks look good but it takes a whole new level of skill to make a racing game based in a city look this good. Everything from the cars to the street lights everything looks fantastic and it makes you want to play more in order to see everything that the game has got to offer.

One feature of the game that i really loved was the real life scenes being mixed in with the game play. This is because it is such an underused feature in games that are trying to look real life, the way that it has been put into the game makes me wonder why other games don’t the same.

The music is another great feature, with a racing game you need music that is going to make you want to drive fast and play the best you can be. I have played racing games with pretty basic soundtracks and it just doesn’t give you the impact you need when racing however this game is an exception. It has actual songs with lyrics and you do find yourself paying attention to everything the game has as well as singing with the songs as they great to listen to, i have since got the playlist on spotify to listen to when i need to get hyped to do something.

I really hate the fact that you have to be online all the time, whoever at EA thought that this feature is a good idea needs to be fired ASAP. This is just a stupid feature, why would you make a game where you have to race to perfection be interrupted multiple times by you hitting other online racers or them trying to challenge you during a cut scene. The idea doesn’t even sound good in concept so how it managed to make it to the actual game is just plain wrong.

Overall the game has a plain story with great music and graphic style and with the introduction of real life scenes being introduce does make the game fun to play but with the online feature being always on then be prepared to want to throw your controller through the TV because you just lost a great drift because someone else has just made you total.

Aaron Morrsi

Game Review


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