Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Review

I have watched this show before but for some reason I never reviewed it but now that the second season is out I think it’s time I go back and catch back up with the story. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The life of the Hammons is pretty normal but one day Sheila finds herself not feeling too great and ends up throwing up a very large amount of vomit and a red ball since then their lives have never been the same. Sheila has turned into an undead where she needs to kill and eat people in order to keep herself sane. It becomes bad to worse when Shiela and Joel’s daughter finds out and they don’t know what to do to keep the secret.

I find the story of this show to be something new and exciting as I have personally never watched or read anything like this. I like how the show took a light heart turn with the story a lot of the time and try and make every scenario not seem bat shit crazy but strangely normal. The way that the husband (Joel) and daughter (Abby) have handled the news of Sheila becoming a zombie is nothing like anyone else would do which is good to see. If it was me then I would end up finding the nearest hammer and start hitting incase she ate me. With each new episode their is a new scenario that comes up that either stops the husband and wife team not spending enough time with their daughter or stops them finding a cure and hopefully turning shiela back to normal.

The acting is actually surprisingly good, when i started watching it a second time I couldn’t really remember what the acting was like, I could remember the story but not the acting. So i was pleasantly surprised when I found it very hard to fault the show in the acting department.

One place I can fault the show however, and like a lot netflix original shows is with the CGI. The CGI used in the show is the furthest thing from realistic you can get and from a show that is trying to be realistic then it is a bit of a let down when they do this. The first example you see of this is when Shiela throws up for the first time and all you see is what looks like green balls of slime instead of vomit.

To have a story based on zombies be set in modern day California is a strange concept but the producers of the show have done a great job in making it look so natural.

I do really like this show and as soon as I have finished writing this review then I am going to be going back and watching Season 2. This is just as good as any other netflix original show so go and give it a go.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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