Game Over, Man (2018) Review

After finishing Santa Clarita Diet I didn’t want to start a new series as I knew that something was coming out soon but I wanted to watch something so why not the newest Netflix Original movie. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Three friends work in a hotel and are really disappointed with their lives, they want to live the rich lives that they see their guests living instead of cleaning up after them. After being fired they find out that the hotel is under attack and holding 100 hostages. They see this as their chance to becoming heroes and saving the hotel. They do everything in their power to try to save the day but off course things don’t go to plan.

The story is the whole reason I decided to watch the movie because I thought it was going to be a mixture of serious with funny moments in which is a personal favourite of mine. However, from the start I knew that it was just going to be a comedy with serious moments in (Another personal favourite). They try to use video game and move logic in order to save the day and for some reason a lot of the time it works which just causes funny moment after funny moments. The story is pretty decent as well as it gives you a little back story to some of the characters and to why the whole hostage situation is happening, it even has a few twists thrown in now and then.

The acting is a different story, with a lot of Netflix original comedies then you can tell that this is badly acted throughout. When watching a serious moment you expect nothing else but that moment to be serious and finding out some information about the characters but in this movie then it all just feels like we are waiting for the next joke. Which is not a bad thing but at the same time if you are aiming for a serious moment at least make it a serious moment. Because the three main actors Adam DeVine (Alexxx), Blake Anderson (Joel) and Anders Holm (Darren) aren’t action stars they do a lot of comedy work so when it comes to an action scene you can tell how unsuited to the roles they are which does make the movie slightly funnier but it would be nice to see the whole movie preformed great not just the funny moments.

The movie is very unexpectedly gory which was a nice surprise as when you look at the poster and the story line you wouldn’t expect it to be this gory. The special effects used throughout the show were once again surprisingly good. A personal favourite scene is with the meat slicer and a missing ear, if you have seen the movie then you know what I mean by how good that scene is.

Of course the comedy in this show is not for everyone, I personally like silly and dark humour, so I found the movie to be funny throughout but I know that some people will say that it is a childish attempt at humour but those people are just boring anyway. If you like stupid comedy with decent graphic style and a semi decent story and want to find a way to spend 1 hour and 40 mins then this movie is for you.

Aaron Morrsi


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