The Order : 1886 (PS4) Review

The only thing I knew about this game before I started to play it was that it was very short for the money it costs, but that was it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


London is being attacked, by half-breeds and the rebels at the same time. After a fight with the rebels, Sir Galahad takes off after them into an underground base. When he gets there he discovered a numerous amount of half-breed who look a lot like werewolves. This causes people to think that the two are working together in order to over throw London. It is up to Sir Galahad and the rest of the knights to try to stop the werewolf and rebel team and make sure that London is going to be safe.

When I first started playing the story didn’t seem to be all that interesting and was only there to give the game some purpose but the longer I played the more I wanted to know about the werewolf and where they came from. Not only that but I wanted to know why the rebels were rebelling against the country. You get to find out everything that you would want to know and more such as the knights have got a name for the werewolves, they are known as Lycans.

The cut scenes used to describe the story are okay, for me personally they are far too long and take you out of the game causing you to have to get back into the game when an action part takes place. They are very nice to look at however as this is one of the best looking games i have played on the PS4 for a long time, I think its closest rival is Infamous Second Son.

The games control don’t feel natural and that is even after finishing the game. They don’t respond to how you would want them to especially in an action game. When running the character feels like he has got a turning circle of a house and the aim of the gun doesn’t go were you would want it to go such as when you are aiming for a head shot. With a game that has a lot of action packed areas then you want the controls to be the best they possibly can be otherwise it just makes the game less fun.

I don’t like the mixture of the Quick Time Events (QTE) being included with the action scenes. For me I personally think the mix ruins the whole scene. I want to be able to defeat enemies myself not with the computer doing it and occasionally asking me to press a button in order to progress. I like QTE game such as telltale borderlands but that is because the whole thing is QTE not just some parts.

Like I said at the start the game is very short, it barely reaches six hours but when the game first came out it cost £40, so I can see why people weren’t happy but now it costs £8 which for me is really cheap for what you get.

If you like a game that has got a really good story and looks amazing but the controls are lacking plus the addition of QTE then give this game a shot as its not a bad 6-hour journey.

Aaron Morrsi

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