Unfinished Swan (PS4) Review

I started playing this game on the PS3 5 years ago but never finished, I recently got the chance to play it again on the PS4 so why not give it another go and see if I can finally finish it. Anyway, it is time for a review.


Monroe’s mother has just died, she was a painter who never finished a painting where she had over 300 unfinished pieces. When Monroe is put into an orphanage he is told that he is only allowed to keep one of the pictures. He decides on his mother favourite, the unfinished swan. When Monroe wakes up one night and finds that the swan is missing from the picture he takes chase but somehow finds himself in a strange new world. It is then up to you to control Monroe as he makes his way through this new world and try to find the answers.

The story is surprisingly very good for a game that is so short. At first the story is too simple to keep my attention for a long period but when you start to progress in the game and get to find out more about the story then the more you want to know. You want to know where the swan is trying to take you and who created this weird new world.

The game is beautiful in its own way, it isn’t the best graphical but it still makes you want to look at every little thing in order to find out more about the game. At first there is only two colours, white and black and you are only able to add black from your paint bush. As you progress through the game then the land starts to change as colour is added and it really makes you look at everything the game ha got to offer.

The game runs quite slowly, i think this is done to try to make the game last longer as it is already quite short. At certain times throughout the game you do wish that you could go faster in order to progress through the boring parts but unfortunately you can’t.

The music is on another level however, a lot of the time with short games like this the soundtrack is either fast paced or not focused on so its pretty bad. This game is the execption to that rule, its soundtrack is simply breathtaking. You won’t hear anything like this on an indie game for a long time, you can actually hear the instruments being played which takes you even further into the game wanting you to have more in order to listen to more music.

For a game that costs £10 but is on sale a lot then this game is worth it, but only just. Yes it has a good story, and the style and music are fantastic but it is far to short especially when it can be finished in under 2 hours. I would wait for it to be on sale before getting it as it would be a worthwhile game for you to play.

Aaron Morrsi

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