Friday Night Dinner Season 2 Review

After i finished the first season I jumped straight into the second as I knew I would be able to finish the season that night, plus I enjoyed the first so why not give the second season a shot. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The second season is exactly the same as the first season story wise, every Friday night the family get together in order to have their weekly meal. This causes the brothers to try to prank each other any possible way and the mother and father find some way in order to argue with each other. Of course Jim has a reason why he needs to come round and see Jackie. Plus we have the cutest character ever in Wilson (The German shepherd).

The first season ended with Jonny making out with Adams date behind his back so when I started the second season I expected that to be brought up in some way but it wasn’t which didn’t get me high hopes for this season. When I said it was the exact same as i the first season I meant the exact same. The only difference is the different pranks that the brothers do and the reasons for the arguments. For me this just made the second season very boring story wise, even though the story the first time round wasn’t great it somehow has gotten even worse in season 2.

I still found the show funny don’t get me wrong, i think the humour in the show is great. I found myself laughing to myself while watching the show which is something I don’t normally do. It is the mixture of British comedy and physical humour that makes this show as funny as it is. For me the funniest character in the show has got to be Martin (Dad) mainly because of all the random stuff he ends up doing and all the reasons he needs to take part of his clothes of for.

The acting once again is sub par at best. The closest we get to any real acting work is from Simon Bird when he gets defensive about his old teddy bear. It is pretty bad when you have to say that the best acting came from protecting a teddy bear.

The setting hasn’t changed either but this is one thing I am happy that hasn’t changed as it means that the perfect setting from season one is still just as perfect in season two.

To me it feels like they could have put the two seasons together and no one would have noticed a difference. The show is still funny but a lot of improvements in the story writing need to be done to make the show great.

Aaron Morrsi

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