Rostered On Season 1 Review

I remember seeing this show being advertised a long time ago and wanted to see what it was all about but I never got around to watching it. Now that it is on Netflix i thought it would be the perfect time to give a shot a year later. Anyway, it is time for a review.


The story revolves around the staff at a shop called electroworld where they go about their daily lives as retail workers. You get to see them working with customers and trying to get as many sales as possible. Not only that but you get to see them when something strange happens to the store such as when someone has pooped on the floor, and they have to decide who has to pick it up.

For me the story is awful, not a single good thing can come from this story. I had high hopes when i first saw the advert as I thought that this might be similar to Video Game High School another YouTube TV show but unfortunately Rostered On couldn’t live up to this lofty heights. The story goes from boring to worse within the space of an episode. The advert showed you numerous times that the staff were rude to the customers and I thought it would be a lot like that throughout the show as that would give it a much-needed humour boost but it only had two or three clips like that throughout the whole show.

The acting is somehow even worse. The whole group of actors did nothing right, you couldn’t feel a single bit of emotion throughout the show which just made the whole point of watching pointless. I do know that a lot of the show was created by a YouTube channel but you would still think if they wanted the show to be a success then they would have tried to find better actors.

Some part of the show had funny moments such as the shouting at customer part like I mentioned above but other times I could tell they were trying to be funny but just failing hard. Maybe this comedy style works in Australia but for me it has no chance of being funny.

The whole set looked cheaply made, it makes you think did they even try to make it looks like an actual shop. You can tell the whole thing was made on set with the cheapest plastic products they could find as nothing in the store looked like it would actually work. You can even see that the Iphones just have stickers on to try to show that they are on.

I looked at some reviews of this show after i watched it and it makes me wonder how so many people would rate the show so highly. The only good thing it has to offer is that it shows people who have never worked in retail before what it is really like.

Aaron Morrsi

tv review


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