Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 Review I have played through this game twice on 2 different controls and each time I played through the game I have had a different experience with the game, so hopefully I am qualified to make a good review on this game. This game in my opinion is different from a lot…

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The Last of Us Review

My review of The Last of Us! If you are trying to do a bit of research on if you should or shouldn’t buy this game then let me tell you right now BUY IT NOW!!! That will help save you from reading this whole review, but for the people who want to know what…

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Reading saved my life

I bet judging from the title you think your going to read a sob story, don’t worry your not Anyway I went through a horrible childhood but that part isn’t important the important part was 5 years ago when I moved in with my nana and grandad. This is when I discovered reading and what…

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