Bioshock 2 Review

Bioshock 2 Review So after seeing a fellow blogger a few weeks ago do a review (kind of) of Bioshock 2 and it made me want to go back through the game and see if my opinion still stands on this game and I am really happy to say it does. Story So this game…

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Mario Kart DS Review

Mario Kart DS Review So for some reason which I have yet to find out I fancied playing Mario and a racing game, so of course that means I played Mario Kart and as I only have the ds version that is what I played Story There is no story other then pick a character…

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Pokemon Heart Gold Review

Pokémon Heart Gold Review So this is going to be my only second Pokémon review which is kind of bad seeing how it was my favourite gaming series until recently (FUCK YOU ORAS). But recently I have been playing my favourite pokemon game of all time Pokemon Heart Gold a remake of pokemon gold and…

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